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Saturday, June 22 2013

Incontinence is an issue too big to ignore

World Continence Week June 24-30

Despite one in four Australians over the age of 15 affected by incontinence, community stigma and personal embarrassment remain the biggest barriers towards recovery and better management.

According to the Continence Foundation of Australia, an estimated 70 per cent of people living with incontinence do not discuss the issue, even with their GP, despite studies showing most cases can be cured or better managed.

Under the slogan Talk about incontinence: A problem in anyone’s language, this year’s World Continence Week (June 24 – 30) tackles the myth that incontinence is a natural part of ageing or having children, which results in many people putting up with the issue and not seeking help.

Continence Foundation of Australia chief executive Barry Cahill, said: “Unfortunately, there is a stigma associated with incontinence and people are too embarrassed to seek help. But the number of people affected is too big to ignore. The first step towards recovery or better management is raising the issue with a health professional.

“With more people initiating discussions about bladder and bowel health, hopefully the stigma relating to incontinence will diminish over time.”

To help spread the word about Incontinence, Monica Fraser a Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy will be available at Sapphire Marketplace  in Merimbula on Wednesday 26th June at 10am -12pm.

“Unfortunately many women’s health problems still go untreated,” Monica suggested. “This is because women do not know that there are services out there to help treat and manage their conditions like incontinence, frequently needing to go to the toilet, or experiencing pain when urinating.”

“We are very keen, therefore, for women to know that sympathetic, professional help is readily available, and that they don’t have to continue to live with these ‘women’s problems’.”

Women’s Health Physiotherapy services can be accessed at Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy’s Merimbula, Bega and Cooma practices.  No doctor’s referral is necessary.


Appointments can be made by phoning Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy on 6495 2264.


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