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At Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy & Snowy Mountains Physiotherapy we want to stay connected with you. In addition to our Facebook page and the information on this website, we thought a blog is a great way to regularly share new information and exciting news about Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy, Snowy Mountains Physiotherapy, injury management and other topics of interest.

Stay up to date with the latest research trends, news and thoughts from your favourite physio.

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Latest News - Summaries

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Friday, March 01 2019

Physiotherapist Tegan Brotherton has been successful in gaining a scholarship to futher her study in the area of Women's Health.

Tegan currently works at our Merimbula clinic.

2019 will see Tegan attend 2 courses held by the Women's Health Training Institue.

The courses are:

  • Advanced Pelvic Floor Course: prolapse and stress incontinence including practical session on fitting, insertion and removal of support pessaries. 
  • Advcance Pelvic Floor Course: Exercise sport and musculoskeletal dysfunction. This course looks at: 

                                - Adult/parous females with pelvic floor dysfunction: how to give advice regarding exercise and sport to the adult female with pelvic floor dysfunction

                                - The nulliparous Female elite athlete: Implications of high impact sport on the pelvic floor. Risk factors, long term implications when to intervene

                               - Pelvic floor dysfunction leading to musculoskeletal symptoms

                               - Musculoskeletal disorders leading to the lower urinary tract, pelvic floor and genital symptoms

Congratulations Tegan on being awarded this scholarship to further your Women's Health physiotherapy skills. 

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