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At Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy & Snowy Mountains Physiotherapy we want to stay connected with you. In addition to our Facebook page and the information on this website, we thought a blog is a great way to regularly share new information and exciting news about Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy, Snowy Mountains Physiotherapy, injury management and other topics of interest.

Stay up to date with the latest research trends, news and thoughts from your favourite physio.

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Thursday, July 07 2016
Ski Fit Assessment

Snowy Mountains Physiotherapy has recently introduced a new service that will help snow enthusiasts of all levels from beginners to professional. The specialised Ski Assessment service is offered by Eliza Graham, a Physiotherapist that has a long history as a Mogul and Aerial skiier and coach. 

We see many skiiers who complain of early fatigue, knee pain or discomfort,  stiffness or pain after a day on the slopes without realising there are ways they can get their body ready for skiing.

Physiotherapists, with their advanced knowledge of physiology, biomechanics, motor control and injury management, are uniquely suited to address all the factors that may contribute to skiiers and boarders not feeling their best when out on the slopes.

Many also leave with a specific exercise program to address strength or flexibility limitations. This helps prevent future injuries or pain whilst on the snow.

This specialist snow assessment program is a recent addition to other sport-specific services, including running assessments, and bike fitting assessments which are offered by Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy.

More information can be found here:

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